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Research & Analysis

In the first stage, we focused on the users and information of attitudinal and behavioral dimensions. Data was gathered with some on-site user interviews (in Baltimore) but mostly relied on stakeholder anecdotal evidence that we then deconstructed into use cases.


We began to prototype the specific screens necessary for achieving the particular goals of the application. Prototyping each main section took about two weeks. We began with paper prototypes and later converted them to Prototypes in Axure.

Visual Design

A pixel-perfect visual design was then created based on the approved prototypes.


We implemented the designs in BackboneJS, in coordination with the development team consisting of three javascript developers and two back-end developers.

LawFirm Matrix

A child company of CAIG (Class Action Implementation Group) based in Baltimore, MD, LawFirm Matrix is a proprietary accounting management application explicitly built for law firms with clients primarily in Baltimore, D.C., and New York.

This particular project needed a full stack UX for building a new application that would allow their accountant to handle a larger volume of accounts more easily, and reduce busy work.

  • Client: LawFirm Matrix / CAIG
  • Date: 2015
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