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CashPro® is Bank of America’s treasury management platform for businesses to manage and optimize their finance operations. CashPro Insights provides clients with data-driven insights for making strategic financial decisions. I was the lead designer for this project.

The project was carried out in three phases, each with unique objectives and deliverables.

  • Phase 1 focused on creating an MVP, laying the foundation for the platform, and addressing the most critical user needs.
  • Phase 2 focused on refining the MVP, resolving bugs, enhancing accessibility, and ensuring data quality while gathering valuable feedback from pilot clients.
  • Finally, Phase 3 aimed to build upon the learnings from the previous stages, incorporating visualization enhancements, terminology updates, and accessibility improvements to create a more robust and comprehensive financial analytics tool.

Throughout the project, the design team worked through various technical constraints as they arose, ensuring that their approach remained flexible and adaptable to changes in technical constraints and budgets.

Research methods included in-person conferences, advisory boards, and user testing tools like UserZoom. The team engaged with various personas, including CFOs, heads of finance, directors, managers, and internal bank associates, to ensure that the product met the users’ needs and expectations while navigating technical constraints and organizational changes.

The group prioritized accessibility and inclusion-aware enhancements, ensuring the product was accessible to a wide range of users, including those with disabilities.

The design team worked closely with the data and AI team to verify the accuracy and reliability of the data presented in the dashboard.

They also ensured that the visual elements and interactions were up to ADA compliance standards and optimized color contrast and font sizes.

The appropriate view options were incorporated into the panel frame, and the panel was componentized for use across the application.

CashPro Insight has been well-received by pilot clients and new users, resulting in increased adoption. Plans include expanding the dashboard’s capabilities to provide more insights and features for clients.

CashPro Insights

CashPro® Insights enhances Bank of America Business clients’ ability to optimize their treasury operations by providing AI-driven insights that help to make better informed strategic decisions.

In my role as the lead designer, I designed the project end-to-end which included:

  • Facilitated workshops and design sessions with stakeholders, leadership, designers, and tech.
  • Conducted strategic and tactical design research in partnership with product and core business areas.
  • Developed the design strategy that informed and aligned with the overall product strategy leading to the commercial launch of the product.
  • Aligned architecture, dev, data, and AI teams to provide comprehensive product and UX design direction.
  • The project also has a strong focus on accessibility.
  • Client: Bank of America
  • Date: December, 2023
  • Project URLCashPro Online
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