Revitalizing Kentucky Equine Research’s Digital Customer Experience

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This case study showcases the digital transformation journey of Kentucky Equine Research (KER), a renowned company in the horse industry. The company aimed to streamline its sales process and eliminate friction points in its customers’ experiences. The case study highlights the strategy adopted to improve KER’s digital properties, including its corporate website, eCommerce platform, Equinews ad platform, and Microsteed Ration Wizard. The improvements led to a 35% increase in online sales, continuously growing over the year.


To drive customers to the sales channels, we expanded the Equinews ad platform, allowing vendors and farms to co-brand Equinews, making it easy for them to market to clients and access industry-leading equine nutrition and health research, news, product alerts, etc. This co-branding created a new marketing channel for KER’s community of companies and established multiple channels for KER to market their products without extensive resources.

The ad platform also became a profit center by selling ad space on the website. Each vendor could buy targeted ad space on KER Equinews or sell ad space on their white-labeled Equinews site.

Once all of the enhancements were launched, the total online sales jumped 65%, with a continuous increase over the course of the year.

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